July 24, 2020

Renault Sport launches its community platform

  • The new smart and collaborative online platform for motorsport fans: 360° immersion into the world of Renault Sport!
  • All stakeholders of the Renault Sport community (Fans, Clubs, Official Renault Sport entities, R.S. Network) will be gathered to share their experiences and events in one dedicated platform;
  • A dedicated Market Place for old or recent Renault Sport models.


Boulogne-Billancourt, July 24, 2020 - Renault Sport announce the launch of Le Club, a digital platform bringing together its community of fans, car owners, Renault Sport Dealer Network, motor clubs and all its official entities (including Renault Sport Racing, Renault Sport Cars, Classic Sport). Le Club will unite all the passion and the enthusiasm for high performance motorsports that drives its dynamic community connected by shared interests and a strong commitment to Renault Sport.


This platform is the answer to the desire of all community members to get together on a unique space to share their experiences and to chat about their passion for the brand’s models. The community, already very active on social media and also among individual clubs can now be brought together to bond and share with other fans.

A club that allows to:

  • experiencing and sharing events

The Club will provide all their users with a bespoke, 360° Renault Sport experience on a single platform. Users can communicate with each other from anywhere around the world, introduce themselves and listen to others, publish articles or post photos, create and manage groups according to their interests, a specific theme or a preferred model. For example, a member can organize an event and make it visible for all other users to access.

Fans will never miss an event associated with Renault Sport, no matter who is organising it, starting with the R.S. Days at Le Castellet on 3rd and 4th October 2020.

  • access the driving side of life

The platform also makes for a Market Place for buying or selling old or recent Renault Sport models. You could locate that rare treasure with the help of community members or find a buyer for Prized Renault Sport car. It provides the dual advantage of increasing access to Renault Sport cars, while ensuring that your car will go to a brand connoisseur.

The platform also provides the possibility to book a test for brand’s newest models, just a few clicks will take the user to the nearest Renault Sport dealership.

Finally, to make the Renault Sport experience as accessible as possible, Le Club’s mobile apps on iOS and Android are coming soon.

We spoke with fans, car owners, club managers and we asked them: what do you need? Renault Sport’s Le Club is the answer. More than just a club, it is a useful tool for any fans of motorsports for an optimised and accessible experience of motorsport in general and Renault Sport in particular. Thanks to Le Club, which will evolve constantly, our fans will not miss out on any events, our club volunteers will see their efforts rewarded and simplified, as will our network of specialist R.S. dealerships and subsidiaries. Le Club’s ambition is to become the best community experience tool in motorsport, and in particular for R.S fans. In the current context this is also the best way to maintain contact with our fans, declared Robert Bonetto, Managing Director of Renault Sport Cars.

For more information please go directly to LeClub.RenaultSport.com

Renault Sport, the DNA of motor racing

The series sports cars designed and developed by Renault Sport are the result of over 120 years of Renault’s experience in motorsports and over 40 years participation in Formula 1® racing. The Renault Sport range gets their technologies directly from motor racing, fruit of close collaboration between the engineers of Renault Sport Cars and Renault Sport Racing. Renault Sport also breathes the spirit of motorsports into all of its events, such as the R.S. Days.

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