02 June 2021

Jaroslav Honzik wins the first Alpine eSports series title

  • Gregor Schill, Jaroslav Honzík and Isaac Gillisen came away with wins in the Alpine Esports Series Grand Final at Circuit Paul Ricard on Tuesday evening.
  • At the end of a season that went down to the last lap, Jaroslav Honzík - also known as Jardier - becomes the first Alpine Esports Series champion and wins a driving course in an Alpine A110 GT4.
  • Trak Racer Ambassador Isaac Gillisen remained undefeated in the AM category.

After two spectacular rounds at Monza and Spa-Francorchamps, the twenty-four simracers from the qualifying phases and eight guests from the esport world met at the Paul Ricard Circuit, perfectly modelled by Assetto Corsa Competizione, and more than ten competitors were still in contention for the title put up for grabs by Alpine and its official simracing partner Race Clutch.

Sprint race

The sprint race sealed the fate of several contenders. Gregor Schill set the pace in the first qualifying session, held at night. The German mastered the challenge of getting a clear lap in only five minutes to take the pole ahead of Vanko Dimitrov and Jaroslav Honzík. The leader of the Pro classification, Corentin Berges, set the seventh fastest time.

The pole winner held on to the lead at turn one, while Jaroslav Honzík and Paul Baty surprised Victor Nicolae. Gregor Schill and Jaroslav Honzík pulled away from the rest of the field where battles were raging throughout the order, with competitors eager to maintain their title hopes. Fabien Jeanblanc was one of them, gaining more than ten positions in four laps to return to the top ten.

Despite fifteen minutes of intense racing under pressure, Gregor Schill kept his cool to win ahead of Jaroslav Honzík and become the first two-time winner in the history of the Alpine Esports Series after his maiden win in the feature race at Monza. The always consistent Corentin Berges scrambled back through the field to finish third behind Isaac Gillisen.

With another impressive showing, the Trak Racer Ambassador clinched the AM category crown with his fifth consecutive win ahead of Alpine Esports Ambassador Thom “Thomb” Brouwer and Aléthéa “Theamusante” Boucq.

Feature race

The battle for the title came down to six drivers - Corentin Berges, Jaroslav Honzík, Florian Bonjour, Gregor Schill, Fabien Piffet and Fabien Jeanblanc – all within 15 points, or the equivalent of a victory in a feature race.

Jaroslav Honzík did the business in qualifying, getting the better of Victor Nicolae and three of his title rivals: Florian Bonjour, Gregor Schill and Fabien Piffet. On the other hand, Corentin Berges and Fabien Jeanblanc found themselves in a spot of bother at the tail end of the top ten.

At the start, Jaroslav Honzík pulled away and was more than two seconds ahead when Victor Nicolae received a drive-through penalty for jumping the start. Florian Bonjour and Gregor Schill each gained a position while Fabien Piffet lost a lot of ground when he was caught first by Vanko Dimitrov, then Corentin Berges. Gregor Schill and Florian Bonjour were engaged in an epic duel as they tried to catch up to the leader but they collided on the penultimate lap and Corentin Berges took advantage of the situation to slot in between them.

Jaroslav Honzík went on for the win with a more than a five-second gap to Florian Bonjour. Corentin Berges completed the podium ahead of Fabien Piffet, who got the better of Fabien Jeanblanc and Gregor Schill in what was a superb three-driver battle. Isaac Gillisen kept his unbeaten streak going in the AM category, taking the win ahead of Aléthéa “Theamusante” Boucq and Thom “Thomb” Brouwer.

With the victory, Jaroslav Honzík won the inaugural Alpine Esports Series title. Corentin Berges finishes one point behind in second, and Florian Bonjour is third, six points adrift of the champion. The famous Czech simracer will next get behind the wheel of an Alpine A110 GT4 in a driving course soon to be held in France.

Relive the Alpine Esports Series Grand Final with commentary from Chris Haye and Martin Haven and reactions from the winners on YouTube and Twitch.

I put myself in a difficult situation with my mistakes at Spa, but I knew what I had to do: be careful behind Gregor to make sure I scored a lot of points in the sprint before putting in a great lap in the second qualifying. The championship was so tight that I spent the last three laps doing the maths so as not to celebrate the victory too soon! The Alpine A110 GT4 requires an extremely smooth driving style on Assetto Corsa Competizione, and I think everyone could see how important it was to avoid trouble in the race. My car oversteered a lot in some places but I love that and it was great fun after all. Now I'm really looking forward to getting behind the wheel of the Alpine A110 GT4 to feel how really impressive it is in real life!

Jaroslav Honzík


Circuit Paul Ricard sprint race

Qualifying: Gregor Schill in 2:03.824s

1. Gregor Schill 8 laps, 2. Jaroslav Honzík +0.380s, 3. Isaac Gillisen +5.731s…

Circuit Paul Ricard feature race

Qualifying: Jaroslav Honzík in 2:03.927s

1. Jaroslav Honzík 12 laps, 2. Florian Bonjour +5.586s, 3. Corentin Berges +7.902s…

General classification

Pro Category

  1. Jaroslav Honzik – 43 points
  2. Corentin Berges – 42 points
  3. Florian Bonjour – 37 points
  4. Gregor Schill – 29 points
  5. Fabien Piffet – 26 points
  6. Fabien Jeanblanc – 19 points
  7. Vanko Dimitrov – 15 points
  8. Victor Nicolae – 9 points
  9. Alexander Dorricott – 8 points
  10. Jan-Niklas Erbrich – 8 points

Am Category

  1. Isaac Gillisen – 75 points
  2. Lovefortysix – 36 points
  3. Thomb – 36 points
  4. Theamusante – 34 points
  5. Utorak – 30 points
  6. Boonatix – 23 points
  7. Yvone van den Berg – 19 points
  8. Anastasia Lopes « Ana » – 9 points

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