22 June 2022

Final round of the Alpine Esports Series on June

Alpine is pleased to share the full details and prizes for the upcoming third and final round of the Alpine Esports Series Championship, which will take place on the 23rd of June 2022 at 8:30pm CET.

Amongst the drivers are some of the most skilled and competitive sim racers the scene has to offer, including the current 1st placeholder, with a lead of 64 points, James Baldwin. Drivers will compete for a wide range of prizes including a prize pool of $100,000 in ALPINE Fan Tokens, an Alpine GT4 driving experience, a TRX sim racing rig from Trak Racer and much more.

After an exciting first round taking place on the track of Catalunya track, 24-year-old James Baldwin took the lead, scoring 29 points. It was a close battle for second place, with Luke Whitehead scoring 26 points and George Boothby claiming his 25 points, as well as the third-place spot.

Round two saw the drivers at the Paul Ricard track, with Baldwin extending his lead and gaining 35 points. Still fighting for the second-place position, Whitehead and Boothby came head to head, leaving Whitehead scoring a respectable 14 points, followed by 13 points scored by Boothby.

The final instalment in the series, round three, sees the racers at the world-famous German Nürburgring GP track, voted on by the public with a landslide majority.

Powered by Binance, the winning driver will be awarded Champion of the Alpine Esports Series and will take home $40,000 ALPINE Tokens. The driver in 2nd place will take home $25,000 ALPINE Tokens, and 3rd place will be rewarded with $12,000 ALPINE Token.

Additionally, Binance will be giving away Alpine Fan Token and Alpine will be offering Binance Alpine GT4 Proof of Attendance Protocol (POAP) NFTs. To receive a free POAP NFT, viewers must scan 5 QR codes from each of the 5 live streams leading up to the final race.

The winner will also be awarded with a spectacular Alpine A110 GT4 track day experience. The second-place and third-place drivers will take home goodies from the likes of Trak Racer, BenQ Monitor, Philips Hue and FreeM Simracing. The top 5 drivers will have the opportunity to join Shamir’s Esports R&D Team and be provided with cutting-edge esports glasses technology.

The thrilling conclusion of the Alpine Esports Series Championship will be broadcasted on Alpine Twitch and Youtube channels, as well as on Binance Live starting at 8:30pm CET


Round 1

  1. James Baldwin - 29 points
  2. Luke Whitehead - 26 points
  3. George Boothby - 25 points
  4. Marko Pejic - 15 points
  5. Andrea Miatto - 14 points

Round 2

  1. James Baldwin - 35 points
  2. Marko Pejic - 22 points
  3. Andera Miatto - 17 points
  4. Michele Nerbi - 15 points
  5. Luke Whitehead - 14 points

General classification

  1. James Baldwin - 64 total points
  2. Luke Whitehead - 40 total points
  3. George Boothby - 38 total points
  4. Marko Pejic - 37 total points
  5. Andrea Miatto - 31 total points

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